Dear Clients and Potential Customers,

Welcome to Joedue.com. My name is Joe Due and for ten years I worked as a laborer, putting on coatings and repairing cracks. From there, I was employed for 7 years as a salesman at a company called SAWTEC® througout the 90’s and then for “U.S. Filter Surface Preparation Group” when they purchased SAWTEC®.

On January 15, 1999, I ventured out and started my own company called Joe Due Blades and Equipment.  I have had several patents for some of pieces of equipment that I designed and sold under my own brand.  I am always working at designing new and improving on existing equipment for our industry.  My own experience and daily customer feedback allows my company to design equipment that functions better than the competition and makes my customers more productive.

Many of the items I am proud to be selling are now listed on this website. We specialize in dustless hand tools and attachments as well as specialty walk behind saws for Surface Preparation, Joint Repair, Tuckpointing and Crack Repair.

You can see the very competitive pricing and straight forward discount schedule we offer.  Diamond blades and cupwheels are always premium quality unless stated otherwise.  The equipment we sell is very simple and always functional.

My son Ben and secretary Donna (not my wife) have been with me since inception in ’99.  Our company chooses to stay smaller so we can be of better service to our clients and stay selling niche products in a niche market.  Whenever you call you will always talk to one of the few people you see on our staff page.  If we can’t be of service to you we will try point you in the direction of someone who can.

Please take the time to browse our site and if you have any questions, call the number below or e-mail us atinfo@joedue.com.


Joe Due

Joe Due creates products for Crack repair, crack chaser, Crack Saw, concrete grinding, concrete grinder, and concrete saw.

The work our products are used for include dustless concrete, dustfree concrete, tuck point, tuckpoint, tuck-point, dust containment, concrete dust, dust shroud, dust control, grinder shroud, and dust hood.