Crack Chasing V- Blades

Crack Chasing V- blades are used to route out control joints and random cracks in concrete and asphalt to prepare for joint material to prevent further damage.  Can also be used for light scoring in decorative concrete applications.

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  • Crack Chasing V Blades – $46.00$206.00

    This is a premium grade V-Shape segmented crack chaser perfect for general concrete contractors, restoration and repair specialists and crack repair professionals.

  • V Blade – Threaded 5/8-11 arbor $56.00$111.00

    Only 4" and 7" available.   Threaded arbor built in, so no attachment nuts needed.  Just spin on and go!

  • Solid Rim V Blade – $58.50$66.00

    Threaded & Continuous Rim V blades.  5/8-11 threaded nut integrated into the blade. Premium Quality 12.7mm segment.  Medium Bond Great for intricate detail work in decorative concrete or crack repair. Fits Angle Grinders with 5/8" spindle

Showing all 3 results