7″ Taz Disk


Same Performance and life as a Zec Disk but less expensive! Take off Mastic, Urethane, Thinset, fiberglass, other coatings etc. Will not grind or harm concrete. 8,16,24,36 grit available Use A TAll AVM nut to use blade under Dust shroud!


7/8 Arbor
Lasts 1- 2 hours
Good for a couple hundred square feet of use depending
Same life/ performance As the Zec disk
can use under the Avenger shrouds with a Tall AVM Adaptor nut
Silicone Carbide chunks, not Diamonds
Flat – not Dished

Use to sculpt Ice, remove automotive undercoating, grind wood

Use 16 grit for paint or material under 1/8″ thick.¬† You will need to go back over the floor with a diamond cupwheel in order to properly prep for a new coating if desired

Use 8 grit for especially thick coatings over 1/8″.

Use 24/ 36 grit if 16 grit cuts too fast.

Dont know what grit to buy? Buy the 16 grit.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in