Dust Cobra – Husqvarna/ Partner K750 Handheld Kit


Dustless vacuum attachment for Partner K750 Chop Saws. Cut joints, slab, curbs, brick block dust free. Easily attaches where rubber feet mount with supplied screws. Lightweight (8 lbs)and very durable Urethane construction.

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The Dust Cobra Kit is designed to make your Husky K750 saw a DRY cut Dustless Handheld unit.  Cut Joints, slabs, Brick/ Block and other subrate dust free.  Not designed to work on vertical surfaces. Allows for up to a 4″ deep cut.  Great as an alternative to Expensive Soff Cut Saws
Increase the life of your saw and save cleanup time/ costs.  Improve customer satisfaction by not dirtying up the whole neighborhood!

Dust Cobra provides an alternative to using water to keep dust down.  Great for indoors/ outdoors, anywhere dust is an issue and water cannot be used – No Water hoses, No Slurry and No mess to clean up.  A good vacuum with good filtration is necessary to function correctly as the saw puts out a great volume of dust.  The dust cobra is about 85% effective with a sufficient vac.
Our gas canister vac is a great choice as it is powerful and also does not need electricity to run.  Little Red will also function well.  Soff cut Vac should be able to keep up with the saw.  Conventional Shopvacs will not keep up well or for very long.

Kit includes:  Cobra urethane body, front and back body brackets with non-marking wheels, Z- washers and Saw Foot Adaptor for the Husqvarna/ partner K750 Gas chop saw.  Also has a 4″ connector and a 4″-2.5″ reducer so you can use either a 4″ hose (ideal) or a 2.5 hose.  Hose and Saw Not included.t included.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 30 in