Vacuum Units

These Vacuum units have filtration specifically designed for concrete dust (or similiar- ash, drywall etc) and are built to withstand continuous use.

They will meet OHSA guidelines, depending on the blade diameter you are running (25 CFM per 1″ diameter blade).

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  • F26 – 230 CFM HEPA Concrete Vacuum $2,300.00

    If you like the design and Function of the Ermator S26 2 motor vacuum, you will be happy to know you can get the same results with the F26 Dust collector.  2 motor, 230 CFM 16 Amp with HEPA filter.  Use with longopac bagging system for continuous use. Comes assembled and includes 20' of 2" hose and a stand up wand with floor tool. Cord has 20AMP style plug

  • Dashclean G18 – 176 CFM Concrete Vacuum w/HEPA $2,050.00

    Vacuum Machine that is 176CFM and can be used with a 7" diameter diamond cupwheel or saw blade and be OSHA compliant.  Uses Longo Bag system.  13.8 amp - 140" water lift.  1.5" hose and wand attachments included.

  • Metabo ASR35 ACP Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filter $750.00

    Metabo # US602057800 - HEPA filtration -  Great vacuum you can use with 1 Grinder.  You can plug you concrete Grinder right into the Vacuum and the vac turns on when the tool does.  Variable popwer know to dial in suction/ amps to your needs.  Accepts either  1 1/4" or 2 1/4" shopvac hose.   9 Gallon Bin.  Bags available as well.  MUST SHIP BY ITSELF

Showing all 3 results