7″ Stegosaurus – 1/4 Round PCD Blade – 9 Seg


The Stegosaurus is a  PCD (poly crystalline diamond) cupwheel with 9 big 1/4 round segments for aggressively removing thicker and tougher coatings that will clog up normal style diamond segmented cupwheels and tooling.   5/8-11 threaded with shock absorber arbor nut

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  • The Stegosaurus is a PCD (poly crystalline diamond) for aggressively removing tougher thicker coatings.
  • Not for prepping concrete
  • 9 big 1/4 round Segments
  • Life varies on these blades, hitting other substrate may knock of the segments
  • 5/8-11 threaded nut attachments with special shock absorber –
  •  Will work under the Avenger 007 shroud kits

no warranty on these if teeth fall off prematurely due to nature of manufacturing process of this type of blade.  teeth are prone to chipping and falling off and as such no replacement blades or credit will be applies if/when that happens so please grind responsibly

Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in