Dust Mizer 005 Assembly


Ideal For: Dustless Handheld Cutting or Crackchasing. WEV 15-125 HT 13.5 amp Metabo Grinder With Stainless Steel Dust Mizer Shroud and hardware. Cut up to 1″ deep w/ 5″ Blade. Accepts up to 3/8″ wide blade.

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Ideal For:

  • Dustless cutting
  • Dustless Crackchasing
  • cut floors or walls, cleanout joints, route out random cracks.
  • Adjustable depth shoe can cut up to 1” deep w/ 5″ diameter blade
  •       for light scoring (< 3/16″ ) we recommend a 4.5 Diameter blade
  • accepts up to .375″ (3/8″) Wide Blade – square or V segment
  • connects to 2.5″ shop vac style hose
  • Cuts on an upcut to maximize dust collection
    The Dust mizer is designed to be used for dustless cutting in confined areas, or on walls/ vertical surfaces.  With this setup, you cut on an upcut to maximize the dust collection.  The better vacuum you have, the more dustless it will be.  It does a great job, but nothing is 100% dustless.  For shallow cuts or scoring, use a smaller diameter 4 or 4.5″ blade.Includes
  • WEV 15-125 HT grinder
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Shroud w/ adjustable depth shoe
  • Clear Lexon plate Allows you to see what you are doing for accurate cutting
  • Adapting Collar
  • Blade and Arbor adapting nuts
  • Spanner wrench

Used for dust collection purposes only; not intended or designed as a protective safety device or guard, use as own risk

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in