Metabo PE 15-30 Polisher Avenger Assembly


Metabo PE 15-30 polisher (615300420) 800-3000 RPM with Avenger shroud for dry dustless handheld polishing. 1500W/13amp Polisher with factory metabo loop handle, 005 avenger shroud, adapting collar, flower washer, and a 5″ velcro backpad included in assembly

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Why a polisher?

The RPMs for buffing/ polishing fall under 2500 for ideal use.  Many angle grinders are designed to run at 7000-11000 RPM which is too fast for the correct operating range of the resin pads.

This Polisher can use 5″ pads with the 005 kit.

Polisher has 5/8-11 threaded spindle.  use with threaded velcro backpads and dry grinding resin polish pads.

Used for dust collection purposes only; not intended or designed as a protective safety device or guard, use as own risk

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in