Dust Avenger Assemblies

Surface Grinding setup includes a Metabo Grinder

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  • Dust Avenger 007 Package Deal – w/ Metabo Vac, Blades & Accessories $1,149.00

    Full setup ready to plug in and go.   Includes Dust Avenger 007 Assembly, ASR 35 Metabo HEPA VAC, 12 Segment turbo Premium Cupwheel, 5 TAZ abrasive disks (16 Grit) with a Tall AVM adaptor, 3/8" Drive Cup Buster and a 8' 2.5" ShopVac Hose

  • Dust Avenger 007 Assembly w/ Convertible Shroud $440.00

    7" Dustless Surface Grinder Assembly. Ideal For: Dustless Surface Grinding, Cleaning for Protective Coating Profile, Leveling Uneven Concrete, Lowering High Spots, Edging Against Walls Where Large Grinders or Shot Blasters Will Not Reach.

  • Dust Avenger 005 Assembly w/ Convertible Shroud $410.00

    5” Dustless Surface Grinder Assembly. Ideal For: Dustless Surface Grinder, Leveling Concrete, high spots, steps, and tight places where larger equipment can not be used, Lighter use for Walls, Paint Line Removal. Convertible shroud for edging.

  • Metabo PE 15-30 Polisher Avenger Assembly $435.00

    Metabo PE 15-30 polisher (615300420) 800-3000 RPM with Avenger shroud for dry dustless handheld polishing. 1500W/13amp Polisher with factory metabo loop handle, 005 avenger shroud, adapting collar, flower washer, and a 5" velcro backpad included in assembly

  • Cup Buster – Threaded Cupwheel Removal Tool $25.00

    Joe Due Designed Custom tool so you can use  Ratchet/ Breaker Bar/ Impact wrench to remove 7" Thread Arbor Cupwheels on Grinders with Dust Shrouds attached!  Available in 3/8" or 1/2" Drive.  Made from Toughest available  AR500 3/8" Steel Plate.   Designed to use normal readily available 5/16" or M8 bolts and hardware (you must supply yourself) as drive pins to grab the cupwheel.  Slots allow for a 'one size fits most' styles.  Have a favorite Cupwheel this wont fit?   Maybe we can make one specifically for your application - Just ask Brad!

Showing all 5 results