Dust Avenger Individual Components

Parts and Pieces to fix or replace missing components

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  • Generic Threaded Cupwheel Adaptor Nut $18.00

    Generic Adaptor for Cupwheels.  Taller and may or may not work under avenger shrouds properly.   Note * this looks like the same as the PCD cupwheel arbors, but this does not have the rubber shock absorber ring that those use specifically.

  • 7″ Loop Handle – Poor Quality Paint $40.00

    7" Grinder Loop Handle for Metabos.  We have a batch with really bad paint bubbling and imperfections that we wish to move along.   see pics for type of QC issues present.  some worse than others.  down to the last dozen or so.

  • 7″ Loop Handle $70.00

    Aluminum G-shaped handle, fits 7"-9" Metabo grinders w/ M14 bolts. Same Handle is included on the 007 Assemblies

  • 7″ Metabo Grinder MVT 24-230 606467420 $283.00

    Model Number W24-230 7" (or 9"), 6600 RPM, 15 amp.  Just the replacement grinder itself. 24-230 debuted in Aug 2010

  • Dust Avenger 007 Convertible Shroud only $75.00

    Replacement Shroud Only, No Hardware included. Convertible shroud allows for open floor grinding as well as edging. Blue ring flips down and around out of the way of grinder head and wall.  This is the urethane shroud only.

  • Adapting Collar for 007 Kits 7″-9″ Grinders $50.00$75.00

    Aluminum adapting ring that attatches the Avenger or Mizer shrouds to the grinder. Varies for each make and model. includes 3) 1/4-20 set screws and 4) 1/4-20 x 1/2 phillips head machine screws

  • Large Flower Washer $16.00

    Flower shaped washer protects 7” shroud from cupwheel.  Included in the Avenger Kits.

  • 5″ Metabo Grinder WEV 15-125 HT $210.00

    WEV 15-125 HT 13.5 amp Variable speed Metabo grinder (2800-9600 rpm no load).   This is for the grinder only.

  • Dust Avenger 005 Convertible Shroud only $75.00

    Replacement convertible shroud for open floor grinding and edging, no hardware included.  This is for the urethane shroud only.

  • Adapting Collar for 005 4- 6″ grinders $50.00

    Aluminum adapting rig for make and model specific grinders to attach grinders to the dust shrouds.

  • Small Flower Washer $16.00

    Flower shaped washer protects Dust Avenger 005 shroud from cupwheel.

  • 5″ Loop Handle $60.00

    Here is our new "No Slip Grip" Solid Aluminum Handle for small 4-6" angle grinders. Designed to use work along with our dust shroud setups. Loop designed for a Metabo but will fit various grinders with a little tweaking and persuasion.

  • Blade Nut $20.00

    Adapting Blade nut for cupwheels and diamond blades to use with our dustless shroud kits. To be used in conjunction with the Arbor Nut to gain correct offset when using 5/8-7/8 arbored blades. 1 1/2 Hex with holes for spanner wrench.

  • Arbor Nut – w/ Saddle $20.00

    Adapting Arbor nut for cupwheels and diamond blades to use with our dustless shrouds. To be usedin conjunction with the Blade Nut to gain correct offset when using 5/8-7/8 arbored blades. Has the saddle on bottom

  • Slotless Arbor Nut (for Dewalt & Milwaukee) $20.00

    Arbor nut w/o the saddle for Dewalt and Milwaukees grinders. Comes with kits. Regular Saddled Arbor nuts do not work correctly on these grinders, they push the blade out too far. These can work with other makes of grinders also.

  • Tall AVM $15.00

    Adapting nut for 7" Abrasive Disks with correct offset use under our Avenger 007 dust shroud.  Uses factory type spanner wrench to tighten/loosen threaded washer.

  • Short AVM $15.00

    Adaptor nut to attach 4.5" Abrasive Disks to Grinder, Has correct offset to use under our Dust Avenger 005 Dust Shroud.  use factory type spanner wrench to remove and tighten threaded washer.

  • Extra Tall Blade and Arbor Nut – SET $50.00

    these are custom cup wheel adaptor nuts that are +5/16″ taller than the normal ones for use use on short dome cup wheels to use under the Avenger Shrouds.   This is a custom application, and you should not order them unless you understand the Avenger system and why you would need these.  come as a […]

  • 2" hose for WNS series Ruwac vacuum dust collectors
    25′ Crushproof Hose (works with 2 motor Ruwac vacs – 2″ ID) $135.00

    25 ft Replacement crushproof Hose. 2.5" hose. Cuffs are 2" ID for Ruwac pokeys. Can cut hose and buy additional cuffs. Cuffs Left hand thread onto hose

  • 2.5” Shopvac hose x 8′ long $22.00

    8’ x 2.5” plastic Shopvac hose

  • Spanner Wrench $10.00

    Use to remove 7/8 arbor Cupwheels and Abrasive disks (Short and Tall AVM's). Knobs fit into Blade nut and Threaded washer holes and are offset to get down into inside of wheels. Item is included in the Shroud kits

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